NEMA 23 ClearPath-SDHP Model
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The ClearPath-SDHP model allows you to precisely servo-control position (and velocity) using “step & direction” (or quadrature A/B) command signals. These digital signals are commonly used to control stepper motors and digital servos, so they are available from a wide variety of products including PLCs and stand-alone motion control “indexers”. Compared to ClearPath-SDSK models, which also use step & direction control signals, the SDHP models have more peak torque, and come standard with enhanced positioning resolution for a moderately higher price.

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Complete Your ClearPath System
Certain accessories are required (e.g. controller cable) to use your ClearPath motor. We also offer several helpful accessories that are optional depending on the nature of your application.

Torque/Speed Data at

Specifications at 75 VDC
Peak Torque
Cont. (RMS) Torque
Max Speed
Peak Power
Cont. (RMS) Power
Graph Legend
Peak TorqueCont. (RMS) Torque at 30°C



Speed (RPM)
Torque (oz-in)
Torque (N-m)

More Specifications

Motor Frame SizeNEMA 23 - 2.33 in (59.18 mm) sq.
Length3.59 in (91.19 mm)
Input (bus) Voltage Range24-75 VDC (90 VDC max)
Peak Torque (@75 VDC)223 oz-in (1.6 N-m)
Cont. (RMS) Torque (@75 VDC)45 oz-in (0.3 N-m)
Max Speed (@75 VDC)4000 RPM
Achievable Resolution 0.057 degrees
Repeatability 0.03 degrees
Shaft Diameter 0.250 in (6.35 mm)
Weight1.5 lb (0.7 kg)
Rotor Inertia0.4 oz-in² (0.1 kg-cm²)
Controller Signal I/O Voltage Range4.0 to 28 VDC
Maximum Radial Load 25 lbf (111.2 N)
Maximum Thrust Load5.0 lbf (22.2 N)
Ambient Temperature1-40° to +70° C
Ambient Humidity 0-100%
Environmental Protection (IP Rating) IP67 & IP66K
Regulatory Certifications3UL (pending); cUL (pending); CE; RoHS
Safety2Supports STO (IEC 60204-1) Safety Requirements
Country of OriginUSA
Warranty3 Years

1The RMS torque limit on certain motors is derated for operation in ambient temperatures above +40 degrees C. Contact Teknic for derating assistance.

2Wired according to Teknic's instructions, ClearPath surpasses STO (IEC 60204-1) Safe Stop 0 safety requirements. Contact Teknic for more information.

3A ClearPath servo system consists of a servo motor and a servo drive built into a single unit. The servo motor portion of the ClearPath system is UL-recognized. The UL status of the servo drive is pending and expected in late 2024.

Operating Modes


Step and Direction

One ClearPath input counts steps from your motion controller, the other input determines if the steps are made in the clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.
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Quadrature A/B

Quadrature input allows you to use the output of a quadrature encoder to command position and speed. Or, you can use an indexer or PLC with quadrature outputs to command at a speed that is 4x the output frequency (because each edge counts as a "step").


23xx CPM Dimensional Drawing.pdf 2D Drawing 3D Drawings / Solid Models
clearpath_user_manual_ip67.pdfClearPath User Manual

Motion & I/O Controllers Compatible with ClearPath Servos

Control your ClearPath-SD servo systems with a ClearCore or ClearLink Motion & I/O Controller. ClearCore is a C++ programmable controller for general-purpose machine control, while ClearLink adds motion and I/O capability to any EtherNet/IP-compatible PLC.

With either controller you can coordinate up to four ClearPath-SD motors per controller. You can also control 13 software-configurable, analog and digital I/O points (up to 24VDC). Both controllers can be networked to control larger systems with more motors, and you can use I/O expansion modules to increase the I/O count.

ClearCore — C++ Programmable Controller
ClearCore C++ programmable controller
  • Rich C++ library with dozens of example programs
  • Multiple communications (serial, wireless, etc.)
Learn More
ClearLink — EtherNet/IP Controller
ClearLink EtherNet/IP controller
  • Works with any EtherNet/IP-compatible PLC
  • Powerful EDS file reduces development time
Learn More

AC Blower Kit

Blower Kit

Blower Kit
Part Number: BLOWER-1P230V
Connector: Screw Terminal Block
Length: Adds 2.12 in to motor length (see manual/3D models for specifics)
Input Power: Single-phase 190-230 VAC
Weight: 2.0 lbs

This blower kit (AC powered fan and shroud) provides a significant increase in continuous torque for certain AC-input (integral hp) ClearPath motors. Motor part numbers shown with a “_fan” after them show the increased specifications using this blower. Note that this kit is not IP rated for dust or liquid protection, and needs AC wiring separate from the motor. For wiring and installation instructions, refer to the user manual: AC Input, Integral Horsepower ClearPath Motors
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