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Love Arduino?
Program ClearCore like an Arduino with the Wrapper Library

The ClearCore Arduino wrapper library allows you to easily program in the lightweight Arduino IDE

Quickly write code to prototype and test

Mechanical and electrical engineers often want to automate early-phase testing of subsystems they are designing, but must rely on their software team to write the necessary code.

The ClearCore Arduino Wrapper lets anyone use the simple and popular Arduino interface to write code for ClearCore with a minimum learning curve.

The Arduino Wrapper gives you the full power of the ClearCore C++ Motion and I/O Library while letting you use the simplified Arduino syntax and IDE.

And you can still use the native ClearCore Motion and I/O Library commands and objects from within the Arduino environment to access ClearCore features not available in Arduino.

Learn from dozens of examples

We believe the best way to learn is by example. So we've included dozens of example "sketches" (Arduino programs).

See below for a small sample of available examples, or download the full package.

Learn from dozens of ClearCore Arduino examples
3-year warranty

Try ClearCore risk-free for 3 months.
Full refund if you're not 100% impressed!

Next Step

See specs, user manual, and 2D/3D drawings. Download the free
Motion and I/O software library and optional Arduino wrapper library.