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I/O and Motion

  • Four axes of motion; Analog and digital I/O (3.3 to 24VDC).
  • Use solo to control smaller machines, or networked as distributed nodes in larger applications.
  • A rich C++ library and powerful ARM Cortex-M4 processor ensure ease-of-use and excellent performance.
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Performance, Protection, Flexibility, Connectivity

ClearCore with I/O connectors and callouts explaining 16 different controller functions
32-bit ARM Cortex M4F processor operating at 120MHz with 512kB FLASH and 192kB RAM. DSP and floating point instruction sets.
10/100 Fast
Two serial ports: software configurable to interface with SPI or UART devices. Each port has an activity LED and 5 volt power pin for the remote device, if needed.
See the I/O state and exception status at a glance on dedicated LEDs. Faster software development and easier troubleshooting.
Add up to 64 more digital I/O points in 8-point increments by daisy-chaining CCIO-8 expansion modules.
All I/O points are also available on a header connector to easily pass them to a custom board.
All I/O points are compatible with 3.3 to 24VDC sensors and actuators. Power with 24 VDC.
Drive DC motors with two built-in H-bridge outputs. Or, drive a speaker for voice-quality audio, annunciation tones or tone sequences.
Heavy duty digital outputs can directly drive resistive or inductive loads up to 9 watts, so you can drive contactors, pneumatic or liquid valves, guard locks, brakes, LED lamps, etc. without separate relays.
Every I/O point has a separate terminal block, with its own power and ground pins. This eliminates running multiple wires to one connector terminal or creating specially made breakout boards.
Rugged polycarbonate and aluminum case
Small: 3.5" x 5" x 1"
Control up to 4 axes of stepper and/or servo motors. ClearPath integrated servos are “plug and play” using standard cables (SD- and MC-series).
Accepts a variety of XBee modules for peer-to-peer (or point-to-multipoint) wireless communication (WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, DigiMesh, 802.15.4, etc.) Enables Industrial IoT (IIoT).
Compatible with h/w debuggers (connector under cover). Step through code, set breakpoints, evaluate expressions, watch variables, and many other powerful debugging features.
Protected against overloads (voltage, current and thermal), ESD, inductive flyback, reversed power polarity, and most wiring errors.

Use ClearCore standalone in smaller systems...

ClearCore Motion and I/O controller example diagram showing use as a stand alone machine controller

...Or, distribute multiple ClearCore units
to power larger systems

Complex system schematic demonstrating three ClearCores with a Rasberry PI, ClearPaths, steppers and CCIO-8 I/O modulesCCIO-8

Control Stepper Motors and/or Digital Servos...

...Including ClearPath SD- and MC-Series Integrated Servos

ClearCore commanding ClearPath SD, MC, one stepper and one digital servo drive with separate motor
Control with Step & Direction
With ClearCore’s step & direction outputs, you can control ClearPath-SD servo systems to get high performance in a compact, low-cost package.

ClearPath-SD is also an easy upgrade over stepper motors giving you smoother, quieter, and more precise closed-loop motion.
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Control with Digital I/O
ClearCore combined with ClearPath-MC servo systems is the easiest way to get high-performance motion control.

Select one of ten operational modes, and control position, velocity, or torque with just simple digital signals.
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Control 4 axes of motion with each ClearCore
Looking for a CNC controller? Read this first.

Flexible, software-configurable I/O

  • 13 software-configurable I/O points. Add up to 64 more digital inputs/outputs with 8-point I/O expansion modules (CCIO-8).
  • Four axes of motion control. Compatible with step & direction servo or stepper drives. Plug & play with ClearPath servos.
  • Separate ground and power pins for all I/O points. Easy point-to-point wiring.
  • Dedicated LED for every I/O point indicates state and exception status.

Rich C++ Motion and I/O Library
puts power in the palm of your hand

  • No need to understand the intricate details of the Cortex-M4 processor. Software objects give you intuitive access to ClearCore's diverse hardware functions.
  • Objects for motor control and status, I/O configuration, speaker sound generation, signal filtering, and more...
  • More than 40 extensively commented example projects to accelerate your development, including a Modbus HMI example project and a 4D Systems HMI example project.
  • Source code available for free under an OEM-friendly license.
  • For rapid prototypes or tests, create programs within the simple and popular Arduino environment using the ClearCore Arduino wrapper along with the standard ClearCore library.
ClearCore motion and I/O controller fitting in the palm of a hand

Finish projects faster with modern,
object-oriented programming

ClearCore object-oriented C++ code example with context sensitive drop downs in Atmel IDE example menus

Powerful Debugging

Using the optional Atmel-ICE tool, Microchip Studio
debug features include:
  • Setting simple and complex breakpoints
  • Stepping through code
  • Non-intrusive tracing
  • Examining variable values

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