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ClearLink EtherNet/IP motion and I/O controller with 13 different functions described with callouts
EtherNet/IP: 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet EtherNet/IP Explicit & Implicit Messaging Adapter
Serial Port: RS-232 communications with hardware flow control. Has an activity LED and 5 volt power pin for the remote device if needed
See the I/O state and exception status at a glance on dedicated LEDs. Faster software development and easier troubleshooting.
Add up to 64 more digital I/O points in 8-point increments by daisy-chaining CCIO-8 expansion modules.
All I/O points are also available on a header connector
All I/O points are compatible with 24V industrial sensors and actuators. Power with 12-24 VDC.
Directly control in-line brakes and other high current outputs up to 750 mA RMS
Heavy duty digital outputs can directly drive resistive or inductive loads up to 9 watts, so you can drive contactors, pneumatic or liquid valves, guard locks, brakes, LED lamps, etc. without separate relays.
Every I/O point has a separate terminal block, with its own power and ground pins. This eliminates running multiple wires to one connector terminal or creating specially made breakout boards.
Rugged polycarbonate and aluminum case
Small: 3.5" x 5" x 1"
Control up to 4 axes of stepper and/or servo drives. ClearPath integrated servos are “plug and play” using standard cables (SD- and MC-series).
Multiple Mounting Methods: Panel mount and DIN Rail option to mount in-panel or on machine.
Protected against overloads (voltage, current and thermal), ESD, inductive flyback, reversed power polarity, and most wiring errors.

Integrate Motion and I/O with any EtherNet/IP System

ClearLink controller communicating with Ethernet/IP PLC wired to analog and digital IO, ClearPaths and steppers

Control Stepper Motors and/or Digital Servos...

...Including ClearPath SD- and MC-Series Integrated Servos

ClearLink commanding ClearPath SD, MC, one stepper and one digital servo drive with separate motor
Control with Step & Direction
With ClearLink’s step & direction outputs, you can control ClearPath-SD servo systems to get high performance in a compact, low-cost package.

ClearPath-SD is also an easy upgrade over stepper motors giving you smoother, quieter, and more precise closed-loop motion.
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Control with Digital I/O
ClearLink combined with ClearPath-MC servo systems is the easiest way to get high-performance motion control.

Select one of ten operational modes, and control position, velocity, or torque with just simple digital signals.
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Control 4 axes of motion with each ClearLink

Flexible, software-configurable I/O

  • 13 software-configurable I/O points. Add up to 64 more digital inputs/outputs with 8-point I/O expansion modules (CCIO-8).
  • Four axes of motion control. Compatible with step & direction servo or stepper drives. Plug & play with ClearPath servos.
  • Separate ground and power pins for all I/O points. Easy point-to-point wiring.
  • Dedicated LED for every I/O point indicates state and exception status.
ClearLink Ethernet I/P motion and I/O controller held in a hand

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