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See the first servo system affordable for
all your motor needs.

Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to ClearPath:

  • 1. Integrated — No drive to mount, no motor-to-drive cable to wire and route. Faster and easier installation.
  • 2. Full torque at zero/low speed — Hold position without a brake or clutch; eliminate speed-reducing gearboxes.
  • 3. Excellent velocity accuracy — Smooth and precise (within 0.001%), even at very low speed.
  • 4. Smaller and lighter — Takes up less machine space, and no panel/enclosure space; easier to handle and install.
  • 5. Easy to Use — Simple I/O control (see videos below); auto-tuner optimizes performance for every application.
  • 6. Reserve power when you need it — Most models have 300-400% peak torque capability to eliminate stalls from transient overloads, maintain accurate speed despite large load disturbances, and make fast, smooth starts and stops.
  • 7. Control position as well as velocity and torque; built-in, high-resolution encoder provides repeatability better than 0.006 degrees.
  • 8. IP65 sealed — Drive, controls and encoder are protected within the sealed, cast aluminum motor body; no expensive protective enclosures needed.
  • 9. Matched drive and motor — no worries about drive/motor compatibility issues or overall system performance.
  • 10. Low price, great value — Get a true, closed-loop PMAC servo for the price of an inverter-rated AC motor and VFD. Assembled in the USA, 3-month money-back guarantee, 3+ year warranty.

Basic Specifications and Pricing

Power Range
900W - 5.8kW (1.2 - 7.7 hp)
900W - 3.0kW (1.2 - 4.0 hp)
Input Power100 - 250 Volts AC
(single-phase or 3-phase)
Length Range
56, 143, D100 (IEC)
12 - 14 in.
Price (qty. 1 - 9)$698 & up
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Power Range
100W - 900W
100W - 400W
Input Power24 - 75 Volts DC
Length Range
23, 34
3 - 6 in.
Price (qty. 1 - 9)$254 & up
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Standard Features

Optional Accessories

Blower KitFoot MountAnalog Send UnitRegenerated Energy Shunt
P/N: BLOWER1P230VP/N: FOOT56-14XP/N: ASU-FR510P/N: RES-225
Convert any 2 hp ClearPath to a 4 hp motor by cooling it with this AC-powered blower kit ($57)

Foot mount a motor (on any one of three sides) with this heavy-duty, cast aluminum foot ($14)

Use analog control signals and even send them hundreds of feet by converting them to noise-immune digital signals ($59)
Use this electronic shunt to dissipate regenerated energy beyond ClearPath’s patent-pending VRS™ feature ($152)

Set Up ClearPath in 3 Easy Steps

  • STEP 1
  • STEP 2
  • STEP 3

  • Connect USB to ClearPath
    to set it up

  • Choose an Operating Mode

  • Control motion with simple I/O:
    switches, knobs, PLCs, etc.

10 Operating Modes.
Which mode is best for you?

Watch the demo videos below.

Spin at one or more different speeds(4 Operating Modes)

Ramp Up/Down to Selected Velocity:

By changing digital inputs (from your PLC, switches, etc.), ClearPath will smoothly ramp to one of four preset speeds in either direction.

Manual Velocity Control:

Fine control of speed from zero to max speed at the turn of a knob. Remembers your last set speed or resets to zero speed when motor is enabled.

Spin on Power Up:

Just turn on power and smoothly ramp to your preset speed. For when all you need is reliable, constant speed from a brushless motor, and a bare minimum of wiring. It doesn't get any easier than this.

Follow Digital Velocity Command:

Connect a digital waveform from your PLC or other device, and ClearPath will run at a speed proportional to the waveform. Or, connect the PWM output of an H-bridge drive of a DC brush motor setup to make a high-performance, drop-in replacement.

Apply a variable torque or tension(1 operating mode)

Follow Digital Torque Command:

Apply a variable torque (or force or tension) in proportion to a digital command (PWM or frequency).

Move back & forth between 2 positions(2 Operating Modes)

Move to Absolute Position (2 positions):

Trigger ClearPath to move to one of the two preset positions. Perfect for replacing air cylinders that move between two positions, but where more power and finesse is needed.

Move to Sensor Position:

Trigger ClearPath to move in either direction and it will smoothly ramp up to a chosen speed and stop when it detects a sensor (or switch).

Move between 4 or more positions(3 Operating Modes)

Move to Absolute Position (4 positions):

Trigger ClearPath to move to one of four preset positions. Perfect for replacing air cylinders where more power and finesse is needed.

Move Incremental Distance:

Trigger ClearPath to move a user-defined distance (one of four) from its current position. You can also send multiple, quick trigger pulses to tell ClearPath to travel a multiple of any of its user-defined distances in one smooth move.

Pulse Burst Positioning:

Use a timer/counter on your PLC (or a simple circuit) to send a burst of pulses to ClearPath, and it will move a distance proportional to the number of pulses sent, at your pre-selected speed and acceleration.

Note: These 3 modes are only available in MCPV Models

Choose a ClearPath-MC Model

The MCVC is primarily for velocity applications; the MCPV for positioning.
Choose based on your application and price.

MCVC Models
Velocity Control
MCPV Models
Position & Velocity
Operating ModesOperating Modes
  • ▸  4 velocity modes, 1 torque mode
  • ▸  2 back and forth positioning modes
  • ▸  All 7 MCVC modes
  • ▸  3 point-to-point positioning modes
Price (1-pc)Price (1-pc)
  • ▸  Integral hp: $698 & up
  • ▸  Fractional hp: $254 & up
  • ▸  Integral hp: $799 & up
  • ▸  Fractional hp: $314 & up

* Try ClearPath risk-free for 3 months. Full refund if you're not 100% impressed! *