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SC Series

Fractional hp / DC Input


Essentials for Setup
ClearPath-SC User Manual.pdfUser Manual
ClearPath-SC Software Help Manual.zipsFoundation for ClearPath-SC models
ClearView_Install.zipClearPath-SC UI, sFoundation
ClearPath Port Driver Install.exeOnly for computers where ClearView is not installed
Linux_Software.tarRequired to run ClearPath-SC on Linux
Accessories Manuals
POWER4-HUBSee ClearPath User Manual
SC4-HUBSee ClearPath User Manual
Accessories Drawings
POWER4-HUB.zip3D Drawing
SC4-HUB.zip3D Drawing
Power Supply Downloads
IPC3-5_manual.pdfIPC-3/5 User Manual
IPC-3 3D Drawing3D Drawing
IPC-5 3D Drawing3D Drawing

ClearPath-SC FAQs


How many motors can run from one Teknic power supply?

This depends on dozens of mechanical and timing factors. Because much of what is needed for a power calculation is unknown during the design stage, a good rule of thumb is that an IPC-3 can run 3-4 axes and the IPC-5 can run 5-6 axes.

Can I access ClearPath's encoder?

All ClearPaths are fully closed loop servos with an integrated encoder. Feedback to your application is not directly from the integrated encoder itself. In a few applications (such as high speed triggering) you may need an external encoder. But in most cases what the ClearPath provides is less complex, more accurate, and offers more complete status information.

For the ClearPath MC and SD lines there is High Level Feedback - or HLFB. Described in the manual in detail, in summary you set the feedback meaning based on what is important to your application. For example, it can be....1) the servo is running at your commanded velocity, 2) your point to point move is done, 3) your contouring application is actively tracking the command within your required accuracy spec, and so on and so forth. In many applications this is superior to encoder output signals because it provides the feedback you want without having to read and translate encoder data plus it tells you the servo's status in a single, optically-isolated output.

The ClearPath SC allows you to see the encoder position via software communication. This will allow you to understand the servos health and where you are at any point in time by querying the ClearPath for position feedback. This offers robust communication of motor position without encoder lines running back to the application.

ClearPath money-back guarantee

We want you to be able to thoroughly evaluate ClearPath in your application so you can be confident that it meets all your needs. So we’ve extended our return period and made the return condition very liberal.

For up to 9 units returned on any order:

Teknic will give you a full refund (excluding shipping) on up to nine ClearPath motor units on any order as long as they are returned within 90 days of the invoice date. It is okay for the units to have reasonable wear and tear from using them, but they must be returned in their original packaging (or comparably protective packaging) and still be fully functional (i.e., they must still meet their specifications). Up to nine each of any accessory part number may also be returned under the same conditions.


All ClearPath motors, regardless of part number, are summed together to determine the quantity being returned. Accessories are summed together on the basis of unique part numbers (so, for example, you could return nine power cables and nine USB cables without a restocking charge on these eighteen accessory parts).

Once your return is received and inspected (usually within 72 hours of receipt), your refund will be processed and a credit will be automatically applied to your credit card or original method of payment within seven days. Please note that depending on your credit card company, it may take an additional 2-10 business days after your credit is applied for it to post to your account.