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ClearPath integrated servo motors
Integrated Servo Motors
  • Motion controller
  • Brushless servo motor
  • Digital servo drive
  • High-resolution encoder
All in One Compact Package
Models from 1/8 to 7.7 peak hp
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The first servo system affordable for all your motor needs.

Fully Integrated System

Integrating the electronics with the motor gives you a perfectly matched motor and drive, a more compact solution, requires no cable between motor and drive, is faster to install, and a lower overall system cost.

Supremely Easy to Use

ClearPath’s auto-tuner optimizes performance for any mechanics. Its opto-isolated electrical interface simplifies wiring. And free Windows® setup/diagnostic software makes servo control easy even for new users.


You don’t need to know what vector torque control or 3rd-derivative feedforward means to enjoy smooth motion, exceptional accuracy, and high bandwidth disturbance rejection. ClearPath’s adaptive servo algorithms ensure high performance even with non-linear or high-inertia loads.

Easy Returns

Try ClearPath today. Take up to three months to fully exercise it. If you’re not thoroughly impressed, just send it back. Even if you’ve beat up the motor and thrown away the packaging, you’ll still get a full refund.

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ClearPath all-in-one brushless servos from 1/8 to 7.7 peak hp
NEMA 23 ClearPath all-in-one brushless servo: integrated servo; drive, brushless motor, and motion controller
NEMA 34 ClearPath all-in-one brushless servos: integrated servo; drive, brushless motor, and motion controller
NEMA 143 integral hp integrated servo

Basic Specifications and Pricing

 ClearPath NEMA 23-34 family photo
Fractional hp
ClearPath AC Power
Integral hp
Power Range
100W - 900W
100W - 400W
900W - 5.8kW (1.2 - 7.7 hp)
900W - 3.0kW (1.2 - 4.0 hp)
Input Power24 - 75
DC Volts
100 - 240
AC Volts
Length Range
23, 34
3 - 6 inches
56, 143, D100 (IEC)
12 - 14 inches
Price (qty. 1 - 9)$249 & up$698 & up

Try ClearPath risk-free for 3 months.
Full refund if you're not 100% impressed!

Replace Stepper Motors
ClearPath-SD series servo systems are a perfect drop-in replacement for your stepper system. No more lost steps, whisper quiet motion, and increased machine throughput with 8-13x more power than similar size steppers.
ClearPath-SD Step and Direction
Replace Other Servos
Upgrade your current servo system with any of Teknic’s ClearPath servo systems and get state-of-the-art performance in a compact and integrated package at an unbeatable price.
Replace other servos with ClearPath
Replace AC Induction Motors
Being able to smoothly start and stop with 0.001% velocity accuracy, hold position without expensive mechanics, and the ability to access full torque at low RPM make ClearPath motors a must-have replacement for AC Induction motors.
Replace AC induction motors with ClearPath
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