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Integrated Servo Motors
  • Precision Motion Control Made Easy
    Get up and running faster than ever with an all-in-one servo system. Fewer cables, automatic tuning, less hardware to mount, tutorial videos, easy-to-use software, and more.
  • State-of-the-Art Servo Performace
    Adaptive compensation, automatic resonance detection and avoidance, inertia matching technology that ensures stability even with high intertial loads, anti-hunt features, and much more.
  • Direct Support Whenever You Need It
    Teknic factory-direct support is respected by OEMs in the most demanding industries—medical, semiconductor, CNC—and has earned an average Google review of 5.0 stars.
Complete, all-in-one servos start at $249
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Specifications & Pricing

Part Numbers: CPM-____-231_-___
Frame Size:
Motor Length:
3.34 in
Input Power:
24 - 75 VDC
Peak Power Range:
100W - 770W
Cont. Power Range:
38W - 162W
Price Range:
$249 - $598
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NEMA 56/143, IEC D100

Performance, Price, Ease-of-Use.

No Compromises.
Upgrade Your Servo System

ClearPath offers state-of-the-art servo performance that's easy even for new users. Integrated electronics mean no drive to wire and mount. Auto-tuning optimizes performance for your exact system. All at a price less than most non-integrated servos.

Replace Stepper Motors

Say goodbye to lost steps, stalls, and stepper whine! Simply re-wire the step & direction signals from your stepper drive to ClearPath-SD, then experience the fast, smooth, whisper-quiet motion of a closed loop, AC servo system.

Replace AC Induction Motors

Get rid of your VFD and cables and get a serious performance upgrade: excellent speed control (0.001%). Get full torque at low speeds and hold any position. Replace your AC motor and VFD and get an integrated, closed-loop servo for a similar price.

5-Star Tech Support

Real reviews from OEM engineers and end-users attest to the quality and performance of Teknic products. The vast majority also praise the excellent technical support they received. Read the reviews yourself:
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Success Guaranteed

Try ClearPath today. Take up to three months to fully exercise it. If you're not 100% successful and satisfied, just send it back. Even if you've beaten up the motor and thrown away the packaging, you'll still get a full refund.

Choose Any Model—Ships in 3 Days

With over 2,500 models to choose from, you won't have to compromise, and it's easy to choose a motor using our step-by-step selection guide. Whatever motor you choose, we'll build and ship it to you from our New York manufacturing plant within 3 business days.

ClearPath Series

There are 4 ClearPath series available for you to choose from as a control system for your application.
Simple I/O
digital i/o illustration
Control with digital I/O
Step & Direction
step and direction signals illustration
Control with step & direction
Software Control
software API illustration
Control with software API
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Control with EtherCAT
The MC series is the easiest way to get high-performance motion control. Select one of thirteen operation modes to control position, velocity, or torque with just simple digital signals. Command moves using digital outputs from your PLC, or even from simple switches, buttons, or sensor outputs.
Series Info
Frame Sizes:
NEMA 23/34/56/143; D100
IP Ratings:
IP53, IP67/66K, IP65
Operating Modes:
Starting Price:
$249 (qty. 1-9)
If you have a PLC, indexer, or a CNC controller with step & direction (or quadrature A/B) outputs, you can use ClearPath-SD to get servo-controlled performance in a compact, low-cost package. ClearPath-SD is also an easy upgrade over stepper motors giving you smoother, quieter, and more precise closed-loop motion.
Series Info
Frame Sizes:
NEMA 23/34/56/143; D100
IP Ratings:
IP53, IP67/66K, IP65
Operating Modes:
Step & Direction, Quadrature A/B
Starting Price:
$257 (qty. 1-9)
Get full software control of ClearPath with the SC series. Change motion parameters, capture encoder position, get diagnostic data, and more. Rich, intuitive C++ or .NET libraries (free downloads) make programming easy and efficient.
Series Info
Frame Sizes:
NEMA 23/34/56/143; D100
IP Ratings:
IP53, IP67/66K, IP65
Operating Modes:
Software Control, Step & Direction
Starting Price:
$309 (qty. 1-9)
Using a third-party, EtherCAT master controller, you can synchronize dozens, even hundreds of ClearPath-EC servo motor systems with sub-millisecond precision over an entire factory floor. And you can easily add other EtherCAT devices (e.g., I/O, vision, and third-party motor drives) as needed, giving you maximum flexibility.
Series Info
Frame Sizes:
NEMA 23/34
IP Ratings:
Operating Modes:
Starting Price:
$599 (qty. 1-9)
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