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Hudson Brushless Motor Selection

Fast-ship models starting at $269
Ship within 3 Days, 90-day return guarantee

Ships in 3 days

Try Teknic's Fast-ship brushless servo
motor models risk-free for 3 months.
Full refund if you're not 100% impressed!

90-day Returns

1 Kt(oz-in/A pk-pk)
2 Min. Voltage (VDC) Required for Peak Motor Power
New! IP66K/IP67 waterproof, built-to-order models

Built-to-order models starting at $208
Ship in 21 days, non-returnable

Ships in 21 days

Built-to-order motors are configured uniquely to meet your needs, so these motors are not returnable.

Consider "Fast-ship" Hudson motors for faster delivery and the flexibility to switch to a different motor, or get a refund.

No Returns

See built-to-order models