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Hudson - Brushless DC Servo Motor


Teknic's Hudson servo motors are designed to excel in the most demanding OEM applications, and provide benefits including:

  • Reduced motor footprint and maximized power output with optimized magnet shape, rotor skew, and rotor geometry.
  • Improved machine reliability with a brushless servo motor designed with oversized bearings, class H windings, and 3-year warranty.
  • Increased machine performance with Hudson's high torque density and fast electrical time constant.

Why Hudson?

High Power DensityDesigned with advanced 3-D FEA software to optimize magnet shape, stator skew angle, and rotor geometry. You get maximum power in any given motor size to move loads faster, and with more finesse.
Rugged and ReliableBrushless design, oversized bearings, high-temperature windings, fault-tolerant encoder design, and extensive testing of every single motor assures you of lasting reliability.
ResponsiveHigh torque-to-inertia ratio and fast electrical time constant give you the ability to make moves with rapid settling time, precise velocity regulation, and excellent dynamic accuracy.
Smooth/QuietLow torque ripple courtesy of a harmonically-pure back-EMF, combined with individually custom-balanced rotors, gives you ultra-smooth and quiet motion.
VersatileHigh power density and innovative cable management allow Hudson motors to fit into tight spaces. Open-standard design means you can use Hudsons with virtually any brushless servo drive.
USA BuiltCareful design for manufacturability and a large investment in automation allows us to cost-effectively assemble and test Hudsons right here in Rochester, New York, using skilled production technicians.
Unsurpassed WarrantyThree year warranty period—and it doesn't even start counting down until you take the motor out of your inventory and actually start using it (up to an additional six months from date of purchase).

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Part Number: M-3421P-Lx-xxD


Motor Frame SizeNEMA 23/34 - in ( mm) sq.
Length in ( mm)
Insulation RatingClass H, 180° C
# Motor Poles8
Motor Pigtail Length16 in ± 1 in (406.4 mm ± 25.4 mm)
Shaft Diameter0.375 in (9.53 mm)
Rotor Inertia
Max Case Temp.85° C
Max Winding Temp.155° C
Ambient Temperature1-40 to +70° C
Operating ConditionsNo direct-fluid washdown or submerged use
Encoder TypeDifferential signals; incremental
Commutation (Hall) Outputs120° spaced, optical commutation sensors
Maximum Radial Load 50.0 lbf (222.411 N)
Maximum Thrust Load5.0 lbf (22.2 N)
Ambient Humidity0-95%; non-condensing
Regulatory CertificationsUL recognized; CE; RoHS
Country of OriginUSA
Warranty3 Years

*See the user manual for more electrical specifications.

1The RMS torque limit on certain motors is derated for operation in ambient temperatures above +40 degrees C. Contact Teknic for derating assistance.

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