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Innovative Performance

OEMs look for competitive advantages to differentiate their equipment. Teknic has numerous patented and state-of-the-art motion control features that function automatically or with just a few clicks. These innovations include:

g-Stop Vibration Suppression

g-Stop is a motion trajectory algorithm that reduces system vibrations by removing energy where there are machine resonances and concentrating energy where there are none. This results in smoother and faster point-to-point motion profiles.

Regressive AutoSpline (RAS) Motion Smoothing

RAS motion profiles go beyond traditional motion smoothing algorithms (such as S-curving or cosine smoothing) by limiting the motion profile’s jerk and jerk-derivative. The RAS algorithm reduces move settling time, machine vibration, audible noise, mechanical wear, heat generation, and power usage.

Rapid Prototyping Software

With Teknic’s servo configuration software, you can measure real time servo performance, quantify design margin, verify control signal integrity, and troubleshoot mechanics. The software helps reduce time to market by allowing engineers to test their sub-systems and motion performance without writing a single line of software code.

Integrated ClearPath Servo System

Teknic’s all-in-one ClearPath servos are easy to use, cost-effective, and highly reliable. The ClearPath family provides the highest performance for various applications from complex, multi-axis medical and semiconductor equipment to rugged machines built for precision CNC applications. The ClearPath product family also includes models that replace AC induction motors used with VFDs (variable frequency drives) for a low cost, integrated performance upgrade.

Adaptive controls for difficult loads

Inertia Matching Technology (IMT) provides adaptive gain control for high-inertia and/or dynamically-changing loads (such as those found in material cutting, multi-viscosity precision pumping applications, etc.). The IMT also allows engineers to design systems with much higher inertias than allowed by most servo manufacturers, allowing the use of smaller, less expensive motors.


Teknic's AntiHunttechnology will keep axes still at the end of moves without sacrificing stiffness or the ability to reject outside disturbances.


Your machine may experience anything from brown outs to physically jammed mechanics. Teknic servos will handle the resulting inadvertent voltage or current clipping in a stable and graceful manner—and will never "burn up" in the process.

It blew my mind how easy it
is to set up, and [how]
versatile it could be to realize
precise position/velocity/
torque control.
- Google Review, Kevin Y.
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