Direct Technical Support

Teknic assigns a factory-direct engineer to each Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customer to provide them a motion control expert who develops a close understanding of the OEM’s needs. Technical support services include:
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Accurate Simulations

We will simulate every motion axis using proprietary simulation software before making any recommendations. This ensures that your actual results will be within a few percent of the desired performance. We don’t make guesses or over-design just to be safe (that comes at a cost). We strive to get it right the first time.

Value Engineering

We can often use our simulation software to suggest design improvements, as a result of carefully interviewing you about your application objectives. Many times, these suggestions are small changes that save significant money while still meeting your objectives, or they are improvements that increase performance and reliability without adding cost.

...we improved our power
efficiency by 50% using
Teknic motors.
- Google Review, Seawater Pro LLC
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Third Party Component Recommendations

After completing the simulations, and working together for value engineering, Teknic will recommend best-in-class, third party component vendors (where appropriate and where OEMs don't already have established or preferred vendors.)

Rapid Machine Development

Teknic understands that getting machines to market quickly offers a competitive advantage. To help speed machine development, Teknic offers OEMs the following:

  • Remote support (in most cases, the same day) - Teknic engineers can virtually dial into your machine to help optimize the servo system for each axis.
  • Software for prototyping, testing, and diagnostic purposes - Teknic’s software is designed to support early and rapid prototyping, and is easy enough to use that it doesn’t require a software or motion control expert. For example, mechanical engineers can optimize servo motion on an axis in as little as 15 minutes.
  • On-site support when necessary - Teknic engineers will visit OEMs on-site free of charge to optimize the motion system. We come prepared to work and we’re there to help you solve problems, prevent problems, and maximize motion performance.
ClearPath MSP and Scope

Servo Integration Consulting

Proper integration is as important as choosing the optimal components. Having worked on thousands of different applications in various industries, Teknic’s engineers have extensive practical experience to help ensure a successful integration. Our consulting services include:

  • Reviewing electrical schematics and harnesses
  • Drafting production cables and harnesses to interface with Teknic products*
  • Reviewing safety systems, including servo safety functions
  • Evaluating the sub-system performance of mechanical components
  • Integrating Teknic electronics on prototype machines*
  • Auditing electrical control signal fidelity and timing via our servo drive diagnostic tools
  • Conducting performance measurements and reports on the machine’s motion accuracy
  • Auditing the entire pre-production machine for cost reduction opportunities
  • Creating configuration files for third-party motors
  • Helping design cables for third party motors or drives
  • Recording and analyzing vibration data of motion axes*
  • Porting machine control software to Teknic controls*

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*At higher levels of these services, Teknic may require a consulting fee.