Business Advantages

Factory-direct support

Teknic assigns a factory-direct engineer to our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers to supplement their design team with a motion control expert. Having worked on thousands of applications in various industries, Teknic’s engineers have extensive practical experience to help ensure a successful integration. Here are some of the services we provide: Direct Technical Support.

[W]hat really makes this
company stand out is their
Tech Support Staff!
- Google Review, Stephen S.
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Long-term availability—without forced "upgrades"

For new product introductions, Teknic uses a platform approach that allows for incremental innovation, but retains backward compatibility. As part of this platform approach, Teknic bases new designs on our existing technologies and tries to use as many of our current product components in new designs as possible. This helps maintain parts availability because it limits the number of unique components that we need to worry about. It is also a main reason that Teknic has been able to keep a stable, short lead time and consistent pricing for years.

Platform manufacturing allows Teknic to continue building and supporting products for years and years. Most subassemblies run in high volume, as they support multiple products and many generations of each design. Since our newer products use many of the same components as our older products, there is no pressure on Teknic to obsolete older products even if they’re running at low volume—the platform (consisting of the older products as well as newer, higher volume products) always runs at high volume even if individual models do not. This way, OEMs can upgrade to the next generation system or keep using the same Teknic part throughout their machine's production lifetime.

Additionally, many of our product upgrades and new features are firmware or software-based, meaning that our products can maintain the same physical form, fit, and function while still improving in performance. As one example, Teknic’s SSt-1500 servo drive, (which looks and functions identical today to the unit introduced in 1994) has undergone numerous upgrades to improve its price, performance, functionality, and reliability, yet our OEMs can still buy units that drop in to a machine application designed in 1994 without any change to form, fit or function.

Stable pricing

Teknic, like most manufacturers, faces constant price pressure on materials. Yet, we haven't increased prices in over a decade. Our ongoing refinements in manufacturing process efficiencies, streamlined business systems, quality products that don't come back under RMA, and increased sales volume year after year, allows us to absorb raw material price increases while remaining financially sound. Here are the price stability details on our major products:

  • Hudson motors: No price increase since we introduced them in 2007
  • ClearPath motors: No price increase since we introduced them in 2013 (in fact, we even decreased price on some models)
  • Eclipse drives: No price increase since we introduced them in 2004
  • Meridian drives: No price increase since we introduced them in 2010
  • IPC-3/IPC-5 power supplies: No price increase since we introduced them in 2015
Teknic's SSt-1500 in red and black enclosure available in same form, fit and function since 1994

Stable lead times

Manufacturing capacity, substantial raw material inventory, and multiple supply sources are the foundation of stable lead time. Teknic has maintained the same stable, 4-week lead time since 1994 by practicing more than just the basics:

  • Teknic tests components as soon as they arrive to ensure our heavily-inventoried shelves are full of high-quality, usable materials, not mass defective parts that we only find when we go to use the material.
  • We use common components among many products and across product platforms to reduce the total count of unique parts.
  • Teknic builds, tests, and stocks a large quantity of subassemblies common to an entire product platform. This practice removes manufacturing risk, but allows us to respond to order fluctuations between different part numbers.

Excellent product quality

Teknic's highly reliable and robust products—virtually all with a three year warranty—are a result of rugged designs, inline and full functional manufacturing tests, and ongoing product and manufacturing refinement.

I tried to destroy the first
ClearPath example we
purchased, it survived all
overload tests [I] could devise.
- Google Review, Gary M.
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Stable company

Teknic understands that many OEM companies go through several years of product development and testing before years of production. We know that motion systems are not commodities, and companies become reliant on vendors, so those vendors need to be around for the long haul. As a company, we've been in business since 1985, we have zero long term debt, and we have outstanding liquidity. Moreover, we design and build the products we sell, so we're not beholden to the whims or finances of another manufacturer. OEMs who visit our facility can see Teknic operators balancing rotors, honing motor housings, assembling motor cores, testing drive electronics, etc. You won't see people unboxing motors that were built elsewhere.

Innovative products that improve machine performance

Teknic has produced a steady stream of state-of-the-art, proprietary motion control features making it easy for our clients' machines to perform at industry leading levels. These innovations include:

  • Electronic Inertia Matching Technology (IMT) for adaptive control of difficult or dynamic loads
  • Regressive Auto Spline (RAS) to process move profiles for ultra smooth motion and low machine vibration
  • SmartSaturation to gracefully handle inadvertent voltage or current clipping during motion
  • Advanced Velocity and Acceleration Estimators to reduce quantization noise for tighter, more accurate control
  • AntiHunt technology to keep axes still at the end of moves
  • g-Stop Command Tuning which sculpts traditional motion profiles into uniquely shaped profiles that do a remarkable job making motion smoother and reducing machine resonances.
ClearCore controller and ClearPath integrated servo motor

These features, along with others, are what help make Teknic’s advanced automation products the superior choice when compared head-to-head against competing products in application after application.