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Teknic, Inc.
Providing High Performance OEM Servo Products and Expert Support

Founded in 1985, Teknic manufactures servo motion control components. Our products include integrated servo systems, brushless servo motors, servo drives, motion controllers, and power supplies. Teknic designs and builds products in the USA (Victor, New York) and provides factory-direct support to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

New York map - Teknic is located outside Rochester NY

Why do OEM Automation Companies Choose Teknic?

Direct Technical Support

Teknic assigns a non-commissioned, Teknic-employed engineer to each OEM customer to help ensure their success. Some of the OEM consulting services we provide at no charge include:

  • Simulations to optimize and size components for all motion axes
  • Sensitivity analyses (e.g., how performance varies with changes in load)
  • Value engineering for mechanics
  • Recommendations for the best-in-class, third-party components
  • Direct technical support throughout the life of your machine
  • and much more...
screenshot of product simulation

Innovative Performance

OEM companies are always looking for ways to differentiate their machines in highly competitive markets. Machine automation is often one of the areas with the most potential to excel. Better performance and reliability are two of the most tangible advantages and Teknic has numerous proprietary features that directly address these goals. For example, the g-Stop anti-resonance motion algorithm reduces machine vibration and ringing while simultaneously allowing faster motion…

ClearPath integrated servo motors

Quality and Reliability

Teknic designs and builds products in upstate New York using single-piece flow manufacturing techniques and comprehensive, automated, quality control. For example, every servo motor undergoes more than 80 in-process quality checks, and gets a 100% full functional test and stress test upon completed assembly. Teknic's focus on quality gives us the confidence to offer a 3+year warranty on all of our servo motors, controls, drives, and power supplies…

three-year warranty

Business Advantages

In addition to reliable products and competitive pricing, Teknic offers a unique level of support that can't be matched by companies selling through distributors. Some other advantages of Teknic's business model include:

  • Stable lead times - Teknic maintained the same stable, 4-week lead time from 1994 to 2021. As with other electronic manufacturers, supply chain disruptions following Covid-19 resulted in a temporary 8-18-week lead time, depending on the product; our supply chain strategies kept lead times significantly below competitors while still being able to keep up with record demand.
  • Consistent pricing with significant volume discounts - Teknic has only had one price increase for all major product lines, despite decades of inflation, higher commodity prices, and tariffs. Click "Learn More" to read about price stability for specific products.
  • Long-term product availability - Products that are eventually displaced by the introduction of new technology are not simply discontinued—the components continue to be manufactured and supported for as long as parts are reasonably available. As one example, Teknic's SSt-1500 servo drive was available for 28 years.
SSt-1500 servo dive has been in production for 28 years and counting
A real game changer for any OEM.
- Google Review, Vince C.
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