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DC Power Distribution Hub
Part Number: POWER4-HUB-S
Input: Main bus power, 24-75 VDC; Logic power, 12-75 VDC (12-24 VDC typical)
Output: Distributes the applied input voltages
Connectors: Main Bus Input: 2-pin Sabre (x2); Logic Input: 2-pin Molex Minifit, Jr. (2x); Output : 4-pin Molex (x4)
Dimensions, in (mm): 3.6 x 2.4 (91.9 x 59.7)

Routes and distributes main bus & logic power for up to four ClearPath motors. With logic power backup, the motors will retain encoder position and communication ability (for ClearPath-SC) even with bus power removed (for example, during a safety E-stop). Upon restoration of bus power, the motors will automatically return to their last commanded position, if properly configured to do so.
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