Encoder Input Adapter

Encoder Input Adapter
Part Number: CL-ENCDR-DFIN
Dimensions: 64x44x20 mm (2.52x1.73x0.79 in.)
Max Count Rate: 2 MHz (quadrature counts/sec)
Index Capture Accuracy: +/- 1 count

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Easily connect 6 signals from a differential quadrature encoder (A+ A~, B+ B~ and optionally I+ I~) to ClearCore using only 3 digital inputs (DI-6, 7 and 8), without wiring to separate terminal blocks. Connect your encoder to the adapter's DB-9 input and connect the adapter to ClearCore with a standard ribbon cable (20-pin, 0.1" pitch) for a simple noise-free setup. The adapter provides overload-protected +5 volts for the encoder, and "bad sequence" detection warns of faulty or dirty encoders.

Encoder Input Adapter
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6 inch ribbon cable